Strategic Planning


Bold visions require thoughtful strategies. Our comprehensive process of Discovery, Dreaming, Reality, and Action results in a dynamic organizational roadmap with a compelling mission, grand aspirations, achievable goals, and focused priorities.


Governance & Organization


Strong leadership and the people standing with them are the heart of success. We bring together diverse stakeholder groups, from boards to staffs to members, to create high-performing teams working in effective organizational models.

Business Planning


A mission without sustainable margins can never be fully realized. Our team understands how to maximize financial performance by growing income, fundraising support, and how to connect those dollars with your goals to strengthen outcomes and impact.


Feasibility & Economic Impact


Before launching into a bold new endeavor, it's wise to look before you leap! Tenby Group has the expertise to ensure that your dream project is possible and sustainable, and what the likely economic benefits will be in your community.

Master Planning


Your facility’s physical presence is the portal through which you share your mission. Our integrated approach links site planning with strategy and business to create a master plan defined by who you are and the ideas and steps to get you where you want to go.


Program Assessment


Organizations are more than the sum of their parts. But program areas serve as pillars of overall vision and strategy. Our team has the experience to evaluate performance and recommend solutions in areas from education to conservation to membership.