The Tenby Group is a full-service consulting firm providing business, organizational, analytical, fundraising, and financial expertise to botanical and conservation organizations. We have many years of experience working with institutions across the country. David Walsh, The Tenby Group's Principal, is well respected within the industry and has earned accolades from his clients and peers. He works collaboratively with design teams to provide realistic, yet visionary ideas for growth for facilities, organizations, and funding

The Tenby Group's philosophy is to balance your conservation and education mission with its bottom line and the need for financial sustainability. We understand the challenge of balancing the client’s institutional vision while maximizing your funding and managing the organization and expenses. We have helped many of your colleagues create high performing organizations and can leverage that expertise for you.

We work collaboratively with many types of mission-driven groups to provide realistic, yet visionary ideas for growth for facilities, organizations, and funding. We have helped develop Strategic, Business, and Operational Plans for more than sixty institutions with budgets from less than $1,000,000 to over $30,000,000 and attendance ranging from 75,000 to over 2,500,000.  The Tenby Group offers a unique ability to unite stakeholders behind a common vision and develop an actionable plan to achieve success.

The Tenby Group Team

Principal and Founder David Walsh is an expert at helping institutions understand and link business and financial strategies with enhanced experiences and facilities. His expertise was built through a successful career in the non-profit, corporate, and entrepreneurial worlds, focusing on business management issues, finance, organizational dynamics, and governance. 

Kathy Wagner applies 30 years of leadership to her role as a consultant. Her services include strategic planning, education and interpretive programming, organizational development, meeting facilitation, fundraising, grant writing, and evaluation.  As Vice President for Conservation and Education at the Philadelphia Zoo, Kathy's team developed numerous award-winning programs.

Zachary Winfield brings an expansive set of skills to the Tenby Group gained through a multi-faceted career in the zoo, consulting, and business world. He has extensive experience implementing membership, marketing, and fundraising programs for zoos and other non-profit organizations. With an abiding love for data, Zach is expert at extracting meaningful and actionable information from large datasets.

Our Philosophy...

We know there are many consultants you can choose from, but we’re confident you’ll appreciate the Tenby Group difference.

We listen to you and we respond.
We’ll spend time with you before you hire us to make sure we get it right from the start and we’ll be there for you whenever you need us.

We work to help secure your long-term success.
With each project, we provide a three- to six-month follow-up check to make sure you’re on track.

We nurture lasting relationships.
We guarantee your satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re pleased with our services.

We believe that your mission comes first.
To support the important work of our clients, we’re committed to giving back and contributing to organizations supporting conservation for each of our consulting engagements.